Welcome to the The British Elites WikiEdit

The British Elites are a hardworking online gaming clan. Currently there are around 37 offical British Elites members. With various extra members in our BRITISH ELITES X EMPIRE on the online MMO 'Ogame'

Created by the esteemed xLReNZzo x!

Currently gaming on consoles: (Individual Games wil be noted later on)

  • Xbox 360
  • Computer

We are THE ELITE!Edit

The British Elites started off as about four players who met on Xbox LIVE. Unfortunately, all but Chiipy and Billait (Later LReNZzo and ChurcH) were left - since then, friends and other talented players have been recruited into the clan. TBE has become one of the most organised and friendly clans online. We live simply and purely for fun.

Offical MembersEdit


  • Ryan (AnciienT) - Leader
  • Lawrence (LReNZzo) - Founder
  • Lewis (GHOST) - Co-leader


  • Tom (ManiaK)
  • Thomas (ChurcH)
  • Dan (SHADOW)
  • Oli (ShadeZ)
  • Achille (ChilL)
  • Robbie (Robinator)
  • Vince (Viintage)
  • Brandon (WANGETH)
  • Terry (DiiNoSaUR)
  • xD3ViiLx
  • xR3CONx

Hi there. I just joined Ogame but my resources are going up so slow...I hope this is where I post this sort of thing. Coordinates are 4:488:10. Any help would be appreciated.Edit

Signed, Oliver (aka Tiran)

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